SideViewGolf is a golf game with simple rules that you can enjoy like playing with puzzles.
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Update & News


    SideViewGolf has been updated to Ver.1.1.12 (340 holes).


    SideViewGolf has been updated to Ver.1.1.11 (330 holes).


    SideViewGolf has been updated to Ver.1.1.10 (320 holes).


How to Play

  • Pick the club you use from five types of golf clubs with different shot distances and heights.
  • Once you decide on a club, you can adjust the strength of your shot by holding the left mouse button. Then you release the button to hit the ball.
  • You can complete the hole if you get the ball into the cup with a certain number of strokes determined for each hole.
  • You lose when your ball goes out of the screen, or you exceed the specified number of strokes allowed.

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Golf Club Characteristics

  • Driver (1W): it is used for hitting the ball furthest.

  • Spoon (3W): the distance a 3W can carry is shorter than 1W. Still, it produces a powerful shot.

  • 5-Iron (5I): it hits the ball with a high trajectory. 5I is a very useful club.

  • Sand wedge (SW): it is useful to get the ball out of a sand bunker. It produces a short, high pitch shot, and it comes in handy when you want the ball you hit to land near.

  • Putter (PT): it is used on the putting green. It can get the ball rolling.

Understanding the Terrain and Wind Effects

  • You complete the hole when the ball goes into the cup under the flag.

  • This is where the ball bounces and rolls well.

  • It is the lawn surrounding the cup. The ball bounces and rolls very well here.

  • This is where thicker, higher grass grows, and the ball does not bounce or roll well here.

  • It is an area filled with sand. The ball which lands on here won’t bounce or roll. Some golf clubs, such as 1W, 3W, and PT, do not work well.

  • It's a water hazard. If the ball lands in this area, the game is over.

  • The wind affects the trajectory of the ball. When the ball passes through the wind, the trajectory of the ball changes depending on the direction and strength of the wind.

Notation of Your Game Result

  • If you achieve a hole-in-one on that hole, you will receive three stars.

  • You will receive two stars for achieving a birdie or better.

  • Completing that hole even once will earn you a star.

Let's listen to "In the mood for golf", the theme music of SideViewGolf, while playing the game!

Press the menu button in the upper right corner of SideViewGolf and play the background music on in Options so that you can listen to the theme music "In the mood for golf" while playing the game.
"In the mood for golf" is also available on iTunes and Google Play Music, etc.